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Waterford Performing Arts Centers

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6M, 6-8F, + Ensemble






Valactigirls (2-6)



Norman the Nearsighted Ninja

Singing Sword

Beatrice (Valacti-Mom)



Ninjas, Video Game characters, Congregation, Zombies, Parents, Kids


Act One

The opening of Act 1 is a bit of a social commentary on video games with kids playing games and parents yelling at them for it ("Play With Ourselves")

Tony and Anthony are brothers totally engrossed in a video game when Tony’s girlfriend Laura and Anthony’s love interest Emily enter ("Anthony’s Lament 1") Laura is frustrated that Tony won’t listen and is totally engrossed in the game and Anthony is frustrated that he can’t work up the courage to ask Emily out ("How to Reach That Goal") Laura storms out, leaving the brothers behind.

Later, Anthony is playing online when a pop-up ad appears with Valactigon, the Valactigirls and the Valactigoons – Bobby and Robert trying to sell him a video game system called the B.I.T.– Bi-dimensional Inter-world Transit System ("Ebay") Anthony is talked into buying the device.

The next day, the B.I.T. system arrives and Anthony plugs it in. Norman the Ninja accompanied by an entourage of ninjas enters through the tv ("I’m a Ninja") and captures Emily taking her back into the Video Game World. Determined to rescue her, Anthony follows ("Anthony’s Lament 2") Reluctantly, Tony follows to save his brother and – unbeknownst to Tony, Laura follows.

Tony and Anthony arrive in the Video Game world which is filled with townspeople made up of recognizable, yet ambiguous video game characters who explain that everything is terrible since Valactigon took over ("Really, Really, Really Mean Man") Anthony starts frantically pushing buttons on the controller that came with the B.I.T. System trying to figure out who it controls, but to no avail. Tony gets frustrated and tells him they need to get out of there. Anthony is determined to press on however and rescue Emily ("Anthony’s Lament 3")

They exit and we are formally introduced to Valactigon, Bobby and Robert ("Triangle Of Terror") Valctigon tells the Valacti-goons and Valacti-girls that he wants to be alone and sings a heartfelt love song ("Second Chance at Love")

We are taken to another part of the video game world where Norman is walking Emily through the land to get her to Valactigon. He tells her that he is not really a great ninja but really should be based on his family roots ("My Destiny") Emily escapes leaving Norman all alone to find her.

Meanwhile, Tony and Anthony are trying to find their way to Emily when they come upon a preacher ("Testify") Tony is annoyed but Anthony is impressed, allowing the Preacher to “save” him.

Elsewhere, Emily is trying to figure out where she is, getting very pissed at the whole situation and laments that no one may come find her because no one knows anything about her ("Generic Character") Bobby and Robert try to capture her but Emily escapes.

Anthony, Tony and Laura are reunited and come across Norman, The four all sing an inner-monologue song about what they want ("Right Now") Norman stabs Anthony and runs off while Tony and Laura attend to Anthony. Anthony dies. Curtain.

Act Two

Emily is alone, and Valactigon sneaks up behind her and captures her ("Right Now, Reprise"). Tony and Laura are trying to find Norman since Tony wants revenge. Laura is trying to calm Tony down, but his anger won’t let him ("Bright Side") Tony and Laura are spotted by Bobby and Robert who try and capture them ("Oooh, You’re Gonna Love It 1") Tony and Laura defeat them though and tie them up.

Meanwhile, we see the Preacher again, this time more relaxed. Anthony enters and the Preacher explains that he is not dead, because he was “saved.” Anthony – determined once again to rescue Emily runs off to get her. Anthony finds Norman and confronts him ("Anthony’s Lament 4") Anthony tells Norman that he doesn’t want to kill him for revenge – he just wants to find Emily. Norman realizes that he isn’t going to be a great ninja after all and decides to help Anthony in his quest to find Emily. The two come across a mysterious sword guarded by an old wise man. Norman takes the sword and stabs the old man with it. Anthony and Norman run off. While the old man is dying, Tony and Laura enter and make the old man tell him where Norman went. They bandage the old man’s wound and – as a thank you – the old man gives Tony a magic flute, which does nothing but summon a “phat beat.” Tony sarcastically thanks him for the useless gift and he and Laura run off in search of Norman.

Meanwhile, tired from their travels, Norman and Anthony decide to get some sleep for the night. Tony and Laura arrive at the same spot, not noticing Norman and Anthony. Laura has finally calmed Tony down and the two have a touching moment ("Who Needs an Oscar?") and fall asleep themselves. The group is lulled to sleep by the voice from Norman’s sword ("I’m Here") Bobby and Robert appear and try to steal the sword from Norman, which wakes Tony and Laura up and they get in another altercation with the Valactigoons ("Ooooh You’re Gonna Love It 2") and, once again, defeat them. Tony notices Norman and what he thinks is Anthony’s corpse and confronts him. Anthony wakes up and explains to Tony that the Preacher represented a safe point in the game and that when he dies, he’ll end up right back there.

The group talks Bobby and Robert into telling them where Valactigon’s layer is. Norman – explaining that it is his destiny enters a tunnel and comes across a phantom spirit who turns out to be the ghost of Norman’s father, who engages Norman in a super creepy family sing along with the two of them and the singing sword. The phantom encourages him to keep going to avenge his death, telling him “only a song as sweet reveals the gate you seek.”

The group moves on and comes to a door. To figure out how to get in, they need Norman’s singing sword for “the song as sweet…” Norman – still creeped out from the singalong his dad put him through - refuses to draw the sword and make it sing. Tony remembers the flute and summons the phat beat which reveals a door with a code. Tony and Anthony immediately recognize it as “the Contra code” a well-known Nintendo code. The door opens and the group descends upon Valactigon’s layer to find Emily in a cage, much to Anthony’s dismay ("Anthony’s Lament 5")

The preacher is there to begin the wedding ceremony and Norman kills him with his singing sword. Bobby and Robert enter, bruised and beaten and attempt to once again get the group ("Oooh, You’re Gonna Love It 3") Valactigon enters and Norman explains that it’s his destiny to kill him. But Valactigon offers to – instead – have Norman join him on his evil thrown ("Val Halla of a Time") Norman refuses and Valactigon defeats Norman – though not killing him. Anthony dives after Norman, and in doing so, lands on the controller which causes Valactigon to jolt. Tony realizes that the controller actually controls Valactigon and he uses it to freeze him ultimately allowing Norman to stab him.

All the video game characters enter with a less than impressive congratulations to the group for defeating the game. Tony, Norman and Laura all tell Anthony that now is his chance to rescue Emily and woo her ("Take Your Own Advice") Everyone joins in a “We Are the World” style singalong and even the characters that have died rise up and sing with everyone in a scene that is as campy as possible. Anthony and Emily embrace and the curtain closes.


5M, 4F + Ensemble






Green Grasshopper




Crowd, Karl Kreatour, Reporters, Vagrants, Garden Guild, Bobby-Cops, Willy Wonka, Oompa Loompas, Hollywood Agents, Seaugulls, New Yorkers.


Act One

As the overture ends, the curtain opens on a stage, empty except for a single ghost light. Ladahlord, a strange man, enters and invites the audience to come with him and watch a bizarre, true story unfold. He foretells the adventure they are about to witness ("Right before Your Eyes").

The scene transitions to the Painswick Orphanage in London, England, where young James goes to bed, placing a scarf and a pair of glasses under his pillow. These are the last pieces he has of his parents, who were tragically killed by an escaped rhinoceros. As he sleeps, James relives the tragedy in his dreams. He wakes and holds the scarf and glasses tight. A ladybug and a grasshopper enter (both puppets); James calls to them, promising he will not hurt them. James urges them to leave, since this is no place for them; he, on the other hand, has no choice but to stay... he has nowhere else to go. He wishes he could fly off with the ladybug and grasshopper to somewhere warm and welcoming, where he belongs ("On Your Way Home").

The Matron Nurse enters and tells James that he's leaving the orphanage. It turns out that he has two aunts living in Dover – where James is originally from – who are going to take him in. The Matron Nurse tells James that he must do whatever his aunties tell him to do, as he cannot come back to the orphanage.

In Dover, we find James' aunties, Spiker and Sponge, on the boardwalk, picking pockets. They extol the virtues of their chosen, criminal profession. They get away with their activities by making charitable donations to the police. A passing Bobby-Cop gives them a telegram, which explains that James is coming to live with them. At first, they are not sure what do with a child, but then they realize that they can make James their slave, and they revel in their latest acquisition ("Property of Spiker and Sponge").

Spiker and Sponge pick James up at the train station. They assure the Matron Nurse that they will take good care of him, but as soon as she is gone, they show him their true colors. They take him home, which happens to be a decrepit cottage with an overgrown garden... and James will be living in the cellar. Spiker and Sponge then take away James' last vestiges of his parents, the scarf and glasses, but James grabs them back. His aunts tell him that the only reason they have taken him in is so that he can be their slave... and they then promptly command him to cut down an old peach tree in the yard. Just then, a spider appears. Spiker kills it, and Sponge eats it. James sees the seashore and his old friends from a distance and asks if they can go to the beach. Spiker and Sponge think that is a lovely idea – but they go to the seashore without James! Ladahlord reminds the audience that a magic spell is coming ("Right before Your Eyes – Reprise 2").

James is about to cut down the peach tree – despite feeling sorry for doing so – when an earthworm and a centipede (also puppets) appear. The centipede chases the earthworm, but James intervenes. The centipede is frightened of James. As James chases the centipede off, he crashes into Ladahlord, who gives James a magic book with recipes for potions in it. Ladahlord promises that, if James picks a spell from the book and devours the potion, fabulous, unbelievable things will happen ("Shake It Up").

James chooses slithering crocodile tongues as his spell. Ladahlord helps him with the spell and then tells him he must mix the crocodile tongues with water and drink them up. He warns James that whomever meets the crocodile tongues first will get the magic. James runs to the well to get the water, but he trips and spills the contents of the bag. The crocodile tongues chase after a grasshopper, a spider, a ladybug and a centipede.

Spiker and Sponge return to find James in the garden and, to their surprise, they notice the old peach tree is growing... a peach, something that has not happened for years. The peach grows bigger and bigger. Sponge wants to eat it, but Spiker won't let her... she knows that people will pay money to see such a phenomenon. Soon, reporters, Hollywood agents and members of the garden guild all show up to see the magic peach. Spiker and Sponge see that they are going to be gazillionaires – all for doing nothing! ("There's Money on That Tree"). Spiker and Sponge sign a variety of contracts, getting sizeable cash advances for future use of the peach.

James asks if they can use all of the money to move to the seashore or take a trip. Spiker and Sponge make it clear that they don't intend to include James in their wealth, but he points out that it was he who made the peach grow. His aunts call him a liar, stealing and destroying the last relics of his parents, finally, telling him that he must sleep outside and taunting him that he cannot run away, because he has nowhere else to go. James realizes that he is stuck and that the time has come for him to make a decision. At that moment, he notices a door in the peach and, leaving both his past and present behind, he enters the peach ("Middle of a Moment").

Inside the peach, James encounters the insects that ate the crocodile tongues. They are now fully-grown, human-sized creatures that can talk. Though Centipede is wary of humans – including James – Spider, Ladybug, Grasshopper and Earthworm are more accepting. Suddenly, the peach lurches forward. Its stem snaps from the tree, and it begins rolling away, running over Spiker and Sponge. It goes across fields, through the village and past a famous chocolate factory ("Right Before Your Eyes – Reprise 3").

James emerges from the top of the peach and realizes that they are floating on the ocean. Although it's not clear where they are heading (Ladybug assumes it's toward France), Grasshopper encourages everyone to enjoy the adventure ("Floatin' Along"). Centipede and Earthworm are less certain; they worry that the peach is not seaworthy and that they have no food and water. Ladybug uses an extra pair of her bloomers to create a sail for the peach, and the group is on its way.

Act Two

Many days later, the journey has become more arduous. The bloomer sail is ripped, and James and the insect crew are hungry, thirsty and grumpy. With no landmarks in sight, they begin to discuss what they are going to eat. Centipede suggests that they eat James, but Spider rejects the idea. James says softly that he has an idea, but doesn't believe that anyone will want to hear his plan. Spider reassures him, so he suggests that they eat the peach, which will give them all the food and water they need. As they eat, Grasshopper fiddles a tune for them. James learns more about his insect companions, discovering facts about them that he never knew... for example, that Grasshopper's ears are on his tummy. Spider explains to James that the world is full of all kinds of strange and unfamiliar things, and they encourage him to explore the world ("Have You Even Begun to Wonder?")

Back in Spiker and Sponge's garden, James' aunts recover from having been run over by the peach. They realize that, without the peach, they cannot make good on the contracts they signed and will be in big trouble since they already took the advance money. They hear police sirens and helicopters overhead and know that they better take the money and run ("A Getaway for Spiker and Sponge").

On the peach, James has another bad dream. He and the insects begin telling stories about Spiker and Sponge, and James finds out just how dastardly the pair really are. Not only did they kill and eat Spider's fiance, they killed Centipede's whole family – the best shoemakers in the land, until Spiker and Sponge fumigated them. James concludes that Spiker and Sponge were truly terrible, but Centipede disagrees: all humans are like that... including James! Ladybug asks James about his parents, and he tells his new friends that his parents are gone. Ladybug disagrees: James' parents are always with him ("Everywhere That You Are").

Ladahlord enters, disguised as a ship's porter ("Right Before Your Eyes – Reprise 4"). He serves drinks to Spiker and Sponge, who are traveling first class to New York City aboard a cruise ship. Spiker and Sponge have just enough money to get to New York and set up their old routine of picking pockets on the boardwalk at Coney Island. They lament having lost the peach when they were so close to having a fortune but, despite having lost nearly everything, they still have each other ("I Got You").

Suddenly, from the deck of the ship, Spiker and Sponge spot the peach floating in the ocean, and they insist that the ship "follow that peach!" On the peach, Centipede is feeling a bit seasick. He throws up off the side of the peach, and his vomit attracts a hoard of sharks. The sharks begin eating the peach, and James and the insect crew are in real danger. The vomit has also attracted a pack of seagulls overhead. James has another great idea: using Spider's web as rope, they will attach themselves to the seagulls and fly away. But there is just one problem: how will they get the seagulls to fly close enough to them so that they can attach the rope? James has another idea. He convinces the reluctant Earthworm to act as bait, promising that he will not get hurt. Earthworm is not pleased with his job, but he calls to the seagulls. As James' plan begins to work, Earthworm becomes more confident in his role ("Plump and Juicy"). Soon, the peach is flying ("Right Before Your Eyes – Reprise 5").

Earthworm is thrilled with the results of their latest escapade, but Centipede is still convinced that James will turn on them. As he climbs to the top of the peach and rails against James, he suddenly slips and falls into the water. James goes in to rescue him as the other bugs wait impatiently to see if they will ever see either of them again. At last, James and Centipede reappear. Centipede no longer knows what to think of James; how can he think all humans are the same when this human risked his life to save him?

At that moment, they see the top of the Empire State Building. They realize that they've made it to New York City! At first, they think they are safe, but then they hear sirens and realize that Spiker and Sponge are on the ground with the police, trying to bring the peach down. An airplane approaching JFK airport flies through the silk threads attaching the peach to the seagulls, and the peach falls from the sky, landing on the spire of the Empire State Building, where it gets stuck ("Right Before Your Eyes – Reprise 6").

Spiker and Sponge run to James. Outwardly, they pretend to be happy to see him and relieved that he is okay but secretly, they tell him how they will make him their slave again... after they fumigate the bugs, of course. James stands up to them, telling them that they will not hurt his family. At that moment, there is an odd rumbling and the peach falls to the ground, crushing Spiker and Sponge. James asks if it is wrong that he does not feel sad. The insects reassure him that it is okay for him to feel relieved. Centipede says goodbye and begins to leave when James stops him. James tells him that he should stay here with them, rather than leaving and being on his own ("On Your Way Home – Reprise"); together, they are a family, after all. And, alhough they are a peculiar family, they go on to do incredible things: Centipede becomes a shoe designer, Spider designs bridges with her web and Earthworm forms an activist organization – BAIT: Bugs Against Insensitive Terminology. Ladybug and Grasshopper marry and have kids of their own, but they always think of James as their firstborn son. James goes from being the loneliest boy to having a giant, loving family... all living together in the peach pit ("Welcome Home"). The cast reminds the audience that this was a true story, and it happened right in front of them ("Right Before Your Eyes – Finale").



8M, 2F + Ensemble

Nicely-nicely Johnson

Benny Southstreet

Sarah Brown

Arvide Abernathy

Harry The Horse

Lt. Brannigan

Nathan Detroit

Miss Adelaide

Sky Masterson

Big Jule

Sightseers, Mission Band (Agatha, Calvin, Martha), Crap Shooters (Liver Lips Louie, Angie The Ox, Rusty Charlie), Hot Box Girls, Waiters, Cuban Dancers


Act One

After the overture, the curtain rises on a bustling street scene alive with Times Square characters ("Runyonland"). Three gamblers – Benny Southstreet, Nicely-Nicely Johnson and Rusty Charlie – enter, reading aloud the daily horse-race scratch sheet. They trade tips about different horses ("Fugue for Tinhorns").

As the gamblers finish their pitch, Sergeant Sarah Brown and the Mission Band enter playing a hymn ("Follow the Fold"). Sarah delivers a street-corner sermon on the evils of gambling, inviting all sinners to visit the Save-a-Soul Mission and repent before it's too late. Nicely-Nicely and Benny observe that Sarah is wasting her good looks on Mission work. They are joined by Harry the Horse, another gambler. He asks if a location has been found for the floating crap game run by Nathan Detroit. Nathan has had trouble finding locations for his crap game because of increased pressure from the police, particularly Lieutenant Brannigan. Brannigan appears, also looking for Nathan, who soon enters. After Brannigan leaves, Nathan mentions that he needs $1,000 to secure Joey Biltmore's garage for the game. Nathan is so broke that he doesn't even have money to buy an engagement anniversary present for Miss Adelaide, his fiancée of fourteen years. Adelaide, a performer at the Hot Box Club, doesn't approve of Nathan's gambling activities. Nathan, Benny and Nicely sing about their frustration at possibly losing a chance to make lots of money from the game ("The Oldest Established").

Angie the Ox, another gambler, mentions that Sky Masterson is in town and could surely supply the money needed for the garage. Nathan knows Sky will bet on almost anything and he comes up with a way to trick Sky out of the needed funds. He sends Benny to Mindy's restaurant to find out how much strudel and cheesecake were sold the previous day. Adelaide (who seems to have a perpetual cold) enters with three other women from the club and gives Nathan his anniversary present just as Benny returns with the numbers on the strudel and cheesecake. Sky enters, and Nathan tells Benny and Nicely to take Adelaide to a drugstore for cold medicine. Nathan proposes a $1,000 bet to Sky about which sells more at Mindy's: strudel or cheesecake. Sky, suspecting the bet is not on the level, won't take Nathan up on it. Nicely and Benny return and tell him that Adelaide expects Nathan to pick her up after the show. Sky, a confirmed bachelor, suggests that Adelaide has trapped Nathan. When Nathan asks why Sky is traveling to Havana alone, Sky says he could get any woman he chooses to go with him. Nathan bets Sky $1,000 that Nathan can pick a woman that Sky can't convince to go. Sky accepts. Nathan points to Sarah Brown as the Mission Band passes by.

The Mission Band enters the Save-a-Soul Mission after a night of preaching on Broadway. Sky enters and presents himself as a gambler eager for redemption. When Sarah offers him pamphlets, he suggests that she give him personal help over dinner. She declines the offer. Sky impresses Sarah with his knowledge of the Bible, gleaned from years of living in hotels with the Gideon Bible close at hand. Noting the absence of sinners in the Mission, Sky proposes a trade: he will give Sarah his marker, an IOU guaranteeing to fill the Mission with twelve sinners... if Sarah agrees to have dinner with him in his favorite restaurant, which happens to be in Havana. She indignantly throws the marker in the trash and asks him to leave. Sky accuses Sarah of hating men, a charge that she denies. Sky asks her to describe the man of her dreams. She tells him that she'll know when the right man comes around ("I'll Know"). Sky tells her that he, too, will know when the right woman comes along. Their song ends in a kiss. The mood is broken immediately as Sarah slaps Sky.

Nathan phones Joey Biltmore to tell him the $1,000 for the garage is all but guaranteed. Joey reminds him the money is due in advance.

At the Hot Box, Adelaide and the chorus girls perform a musical number ("A Bushel and a Peck"). After the show, she tells Nathan that she is getting a raise and suggests that they finally get married. She shows him the wedding veil she has had for the past three years. She also explains how she has told her mother that Nathan and she are married and have five children. As Nathan offers reasons why they shouldn't get married, one of the other dancers arrives and complains to Nathan that her date has been cancelled because of his crap game. Adelaide gets one of her chronic sneezing attacks as Nathan rushes off. She picks up a medical book that explains how her cold symptoms are psychosomatic and caused by her frustration at being engaged – not married! – for fourteen years ("Adelaide's Lament").

Benny and Nicely have been watching Sky follow Sarah and the Mission Band. They hope that Sky fails in his attempts to take her to Havana so Nathan will get the cash to hold the crap game. They observe that men the world over have a weakness for falling in love ("Guys and Dolls").

Sarah and the Band return to the Mission. Arvide Abernathy, Sarah's grandfather and the bass drum player of the band, encourages her to pay some attention to Sky. General Cartwright, the head of the Save-a-Soul Mission, arrives and explains that the Broadway Mission's poor performance in attracting sinners is forcing her to close the branch. Sky appears and protests the closing of the Mission. He also retrieves his marker from the trash and gives it back to Sarah. She then guarantees the General that there will be twelve "genuine" sinners in the Mission the following evening.

All the craps shooters, including Big Jule (a very tough, gun-toting gangster from Chicago), are wearing red carnations as they're the badge of entry for the game... which still has no location. Brannigan appears and, noticing all the red carnations, asks Nathan what is going on. Benny sees Adelaide coming over with some of the other Hot Box dancers and tells Brannigan the carnations are for the guests of Nathan's bachelor party. Adelaide hears this and excitedly announces that they should get married the following night after her show. As Adelaide rushes off with her girlfriends, Nathan tells Benny that he still has not received the money from Sky. Benny wonders if Sky actually took Sarah to Havana.

Sarah and Sky are in Havana. Faced with constantly blaring mambo music and dancing couples ("Havana"), Sky and Sarah escape the noisy nightclub and end up at the fashionable Hotel Nacionale, where Sarah orders a ham sandwich. After a bit of sightseeing, they end up in a street café. Sarah orders a milk shake, which Sky translates to the waiter as "Dulce de Leche," a potent alcoholic drink. After several drinks, Sarah jealously interrupts when a dancer flirts with Sky, precipitating a huge barroom brawl.

Sky has carried Sarah away from the brawl. As he sets her down, she kisses him. He asks her how she feels. She tells him that she feels wonderful ("If I Were a Bell") and falls into his arms. Realizing that he is falling in love with her, a guilty Sky tells her about the bet he made. "How else would a girl get to meet a gambler?" she responds. She reluctantly allows him to take her back to New York.

Outside the Mission at 4:00 AM, Sky and Sarah run into Adelaide, who is returning from a bridal shower that has been thrown for her by the Hot Box dancers. Sky explains to Sarah that 4:00 AM is his favorite time of day, and that she is the only woman with whom he has ever wanted to share it ("My Time of Day"). After revealing to her that his real name is Obediah Masterson, Sky and Sarah sing to each other about their newfound love ("I've Never Been in Love Before"). At the end of the song, they are met by Arvide, who is returning from a night of Mission work. As they are talking, police bells are heard. Suddenly, Benny, Nicely, Nathan and the other gamblers run out of the Mission, being chased by Brannigan; Nathan has held the crap game in the Mission. Sarah is convinced that Sky's trip to Havana was part of Nathan's plan all along and angrily breaks off with him.

Act Two

Adelaide and the other dancers perform another number at the Hot Box Club ("Take Back Your Mink"). After the number, Sky enters and is approached by Nicely, who is looking for Adelaide. He has been sent to tell her that Nathan won't be coming to get her after the show. Nicely tells Sky that Nathan is still at the game because Big Jule, who is losing, won't allow the game to end until he wins back his money. Adelaide arrives and, after hearing Nicely's message, realizes that Nathan is still running the crap game. She asks Sky to tell Nathan that she never wants to see him again ("Adelaide's Lament – Reprise").

Sarah, angry that she is in love with Sky and convinced that he helped set up the Mission crap game, tells Arvide that she wants to leave. Arvide sings about his dreams for her future ("More I Cannot Wish You"). Sky and Nicely pass by on their way to the crap game. Sky tells Sarah and Arvide that he intends to honor his IOU to Sarah. He and Nicely open a manhole cover and descend to the crap game that is being held in the sewer.

The game is proceeding furiously ("The Crapshooters' Dance"). At the end of the dance, Big Jule again demands that they all stay until he wins back the money he has lost (and then some) and uses his gun to back up the demand. He announces that he will play with Nathan only, using his own dice – which are conveniently blank so that only Jule can call the outcome of each throw – so Nathan is bound to lose. Jule also announces that he will play his IOUs against Nathan's cash. When Sky and Nicely appear at the game, Sky tries to talk to the gamblers about the Mission. Big Jule protests, and Sky  knocks him down with one swift punch. Sky grabs Big Jule's gun and tosses it to Nathan. He then proposes a bet on one throw of the dice: if he loses, Sky will pay each gambler $1,000... but, if he wins, each gambler has to show up at the Mission for the meeting taking place that night. The gamblers all take up Sky's bet. As Sky prepares to throw the dice, he prays to Lady Luck for help ("Luck Be a Lady Tonight").

Harry the Horse and Big Jule complain about having to go to the Mission. Nathan sees Adelaide, who angrily tells him that she has told her mother they are expecting their sixth child. Nathan tells her that they can't get married before midnight because he has to go to a Mission meeting. Adelaide complains about all of Nathan's lies as he professes his love ("Sue Me").

At a few minutes past midnight, all of the gamblers enter the Mission to the surprise of Sarah Brown and the delight of General Abernathy. At the General's request for testimonies, various gamblers tell how they're sorry that Sky won his bet. The testimonies continue as Nicely recounts a dream that he had about being on a boat to heaven ("Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat"). After the song, Nathan confesses to Sarah about his bet with Sky, explaining that Sky admitted to losing the bet. Sarah is puzzled by Nathan's statement, since Sky actually won his bet. She exits the Mission as the General begins to lead the gamblers in a hymn ("Follow the Fold – Reprise").

Sarah and Adelaide meet on the street in the early morning and commiserate about Sky and Nathan. They come to the conclusion that they should just concentrate on getting married and worry about changing their men afterward ("Marry the Man Today").

Adelaide appears in a wedding gown and calls for Nathan, who now operates a newsstand. He emerges from the stand in an elegant cut-away and tells her that he hasn't yet found a place for their wedding. The Mission Band enters, led by Sky and Sarah, and Nathan asks them if he and Adelaide could get married in the Mission. Arvide, who has already performed the marriage ceremony for Sky and Sarah, promises to do the same for them. When Adelaide details her plans for a little place in the country, Nathan lets out a huge sneeze ("Guys and Dolls – Reprise").Close